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This section contains information about post-natal growth in Chinese children. For information about weight, length, and head circumference by gestational age in newborns of Chinese ethnicity, please see our Hong Kong page.

We created the curves in this section by plotting data from a large study of growth in Chinese children (1, 2). This paper is primarily written in Chinese and the curves are small and not suitable for clinical use. We used data from the paper to create the curves stored here.

The paper describes the Fourth National Chinese Growth Survey of children under 7. The survey was performed in 2005 and was a major national undertaking. The authors obtained data from ~70,000 children who lived in 9 cities around China.

Important note: The curves in this section use the following percentiles: 2.3, 16, 50, 84, and 97.7. These percentile values correspond to standard deviations. They were made this way because data in the paper was presented this way.

Postnatal Growth


Length and Height

Head Circumference

  1. 1. Li H et al. (2009) Growth standardized values and curves based on weight, length/height and head circumference for Chinese children under 7 years of age. Zhonghua Er Ke Za Zhi (Chinese J Ped) 47(3):173-178. Abstract on PubMed.
  2. 2. Zong XN & Li H (2013) Construction of a new growth references for China based on urban Chinese children: comparison with the WHO growth standards. PloS one 8(3):e59569 Full text on PubMed.
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