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Size at Birth by Gestational Age

We created curves from a cross-sectional study conducted on consecutive Malaysian neonates born in a maternity hospital in Kuala Lumpur (1). Anthropometric measurements were made within the first 36 hours of life. A total of 12,527 births were recorded, and 4,046 were were excluded due to parents not being available for interviewing, the child not being Malaysian, and/or gestational age being less than 28 weeks. This left 8,478 neonates who were analyzed for the study.

We constructed curves from 35-42 weeks of gestation. We excluded gestational ages 28-34 weeks due to very small sample sizes in those groups. The curves here use the 10th-90th percentiles for both male and female infants.

Head Circumference


  1. 1. Boo N.Y et al. (1994) Intrauterine growth of liveborn Malaysian infants between gestation 28 to 42 weeks. Sing Med J 35:163-166. Abstract on PubMed.

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