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Postnatal Growth

The growth curves in this section were created as part of the The Bergen Growth Study (1). The study obtained growth data for ~7,300 children living in Bergen in the years 2003-2006. Birth data was obtained from Norway's Medical Birth Registry for ~12,600 children born between the 37th and 42nd gestational weeks. The files below are in Norwegian with English translations. The curves may also be downloaded in untranslated form from the Bergen Growth Study site.

Weight, Length/Height, and Head Circumference

Weight and Height
Weight for Length/Height

Twins: Size at Birth by Gestational Age

The curves in this section were created by using data in a large-scale study of twin birthweights in Norway between 1987 and 1995 (2). The study used data from ~9,000 infants; data was taken from the Medical Birth Registry.


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