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Postnatal Growth

Weight and Length/Height in Southwestern Spain

A study published in 2021 (1) created growth curves for Spanish children in the Extremadura region (southwestern Spain). The authors used data from 58,586 children (birth to age 10); 52% were boys and 48% were girls. They made curves for weight and height. The curves were published with the paper, which is freely available.

National Data

The link below will take you to a large PDF file with growth charts for Spanish children (3). The translated title of the file is Growth Curves and Tables (Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Studies). The curves and tables are broken into two groups: 0 to 2 years, and 2 to 18 years. If you don't speak/read Spanish, these terms may help:

  • Peso: weight
  • Longitud: length (measured lying down)
  • Talla: height/stature (measured standing up)
  • Perimetro craneal: head circumference
  • Indice de Masa Corporal (IMC): Body Mass Index (BMI)

Down Syndrome

Clicking on the link below will take you to a large PDF file with growth charts for Spanish children with Down syndrome. For people who cannot read Spanish, the research study that produced these charts is written in English. It contains preliminary versions of the charts, and was published in an open-access journal (2).

The study authors made ~1,700 measurements on children seen at the Centre Mèdic Down (Down Medical Centre, or CMD) in Barcelona. Children were aged 0 to 15 years; many were followed through serial visits to the center. None had a condition, such as heart disease or hypothyroidism that could affect growth. Thus, the charts reflect the growth of healthy children with Down syndrome.

Weight, Length/Height, and Head Circumference


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